From the Mid-20th Century

The new owners
The sisters of St. Ursula had taught girls in the Upper Valais since Stockalper's time, by and by in more than 30 communes. In Brig itself, they ran the St. Ursula Institute with a teachers' training college and commercial school until 2013.

Since the 20th century, sisters of St. Ursula also ran the Sta Maria hospital in Visp, including a school of nursing. They also worked in residential homes for the elderly and in parishes.

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Wall decoration by Sr. Marie-Irene Kloos (detail)


In the newly acquired Wegener House, the sisters first set up a weaving school as a workshop for aurally handicapped women, and gave housekeeping courses.
The sisters also offered the house as a Marienheim for the so-called "Schweizerischer katholischer Mädchenschutzverein" (Swiss Catholic Association for the Protection of Girls) - today PRO FILIA. In these houses, girls and young women travelling through or living alone could find suitable accommodation. Thus the house was named "Marienheim".

In addition, the sisters also used the house as accommodation for their own guests and relatives. Some elderly women found a permanent residence here as an alternative to an old age home, and for several years students from the neighboring high schools were also accommodated here.

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