"Little lamps"

Working together to create a better world (the "Kingdom of God") is an immense task.
Mother Anne teaches us to have a healthy attitude for the reality and to face challenges - according to the Ignatian Spirituality.

"Sisters of St. Ursula
do not carry big torches,
which spread a brilliant light far and wide;
but only little lamps
which throw some light
on the path of young people, women,
the poor and the disadvantaged ..."

                             Constitutions (15)

Three Principles

Since our foundation the following three points have remained our fundamental values:

  1. We nourish ourselves from the word of God and we learn from the spirit of St. Ignatius and from his Spiritual Exercises.
  2. The spirituality of our foundress demands openness to leave the well-trodden paths and to take on new ones, shown by the signs of the time.
  3. Spiritual education is always most important: to make Jesus Christ known and loved by being His witness through our actions and our behaviour.

(August 2005)

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