And thus we try to convey our Christian values in many different professions.

  • Brig Ursulines are serving the Church in responsibilities and duties such as:
    pastoral work, catechesis, sacristy, pastoral assistant, religious youth work.
  • some sisters are active in nursing work.
  • sisters are engaged in counselling and accompanying people ....
  • some of our sisters are helping in domestic duties:
    refectory, office work, knitting for sisters and poor, administration ...

And in old age?

Today, as the majority of the sisters have now reached OASI age and are no longer able to pursue a professional activity, our mission has taken a different accent:

Still "sortir": to step outside - now more out of oneself. Going towards one another, helping one another in the increasing discomfort; allowing the fellow sister to live her last stage of life in respect for the dignity of the person, in health matters, in spiritual matters, in prayer, in daily trifles. We think that this "internal" task is also a mission, our concrete calling in the world and for this world.

In each ministry, Sisters of St. Ursula seek to work for the promotion of women, of the weak, of the disadvantaged.
The need and necessities we encounter and our possibilities (education, gifts, health) show us what God calls us to do today.


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