Common Factors in the Day of an Ursuline


We seek the personal encounter with God during a 30-minute meditation session, while continually trying to orientate ourselves to the Gospel.


Twice a day we pause, in order to look back on the last half of the day before God, and with God. This "prayer of awareness" is one of the most proven aids in recognizing God?s will and perceiving God?s fingerprints in our daily life. 


The Eucharist gives us strength and creates solidarity, not only with Christ but also amongst each other.

Liturgy of the Hours

United to the whole church, we praise God by saying the Liturgy of the Hours. We say the Morning and Evening Prayer, alone or together, depending on our assignments.


Those who live in larger or smaller communities, meet their fellow Sisters at communal meals. The communal meal also inspires a community spirit.


For a healthy spiritual life you also have to care about your physical well-being: days off and holydays, hiking, playing cards, sharing, reading, also watching TV , in order to know what happens in the world ...

(October 2019)

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