Architectural History

Time Changes
Mid medieval times A remnant of wall remains part of the foundations of a massive stone house.
1465 To the north, a wooden building is added to an existing tower structure. The cellars and the ground floor are bricked up, possibly as storerooms in connection with the controlled pass traffic over the Simplon.
1658 South section made of stone; lower floor and four complete floors. Original wood panelling on the first floor of the south section.
17th century The wooden construction is walled by stone. North facing four-part Gothic windows.
ca. 1700 The narrow building is increased in height by a further floor, with two-part windows. The high roof truss is renewed (time after the founding of the Convent).
ca. 1733 Windows changed; a passageway to the church is added.
1992-1993 General restoration under the direction of the architect Adalbert Grand and with the assistance of the "Listed Buildings Trust" (Denkmalschutz).
On account of the architectural research (1991) done under the direction of Dr. Georges Descœudres, Zurich, the restoration of the Convent was carried out in keeping - as much as possible - with the original condition from the foundation year 1661.

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