Activities in Romania:

The sisters of our community in Baia Mare are mainly involved in

  • visiting the sick and the old
  • visiting the home for the aged
  • teaching English in nurseries and spoken English classes
  • pastoral work (catechism, youth etc.)
  • collaborating with different organizations (Red Cross, Hospitals, Nurseries, Municipal Office etc.)
  • organizing summer holiday programs.

Our New Building SF. Theresa Ecumenical Center will have the following activities:

  • nursery
  • hostel for the girls
  • day care center for the old
  • day care center for the children
  • occasional programs (educational, recreational, leadership etc.)

We try to integrate ourselves by carrying out the above activities according to the possibilities open to us. Thus we carry the little lamp of love lit by Mother Anne to spread light and love.

Sr. Priti and Community

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