Living Quarters

Important places for the daily meeting in the motherhouse are:

  • The dining room of the community:
    the refectory
  • The house chapel and the Convent church
  • The recreation room: this is a multi-purpose room. The sisters meet here in their spare time to play cards, to chat, to watch TV ...  But also choir practice, domestic meetings as well as presentations take place here.

The following are part of our living quarters, too:

  • a library
  • a sewing room
  • a well-equipped care center for our elderly Sisters in need of care
  • a small oratory for silent peronal prayer
  • a lovely big garden for relaxation

Well ... and everything that belongs to a large household:
kitchen, laundry and drying rooms, sewing rooms and the private rooms of each sister.

(updated October 2010)

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