Later on even beyond Switzerland

  • 1934 to South Africa
    The first 5 Ursulines from Brig enthusiastically follow a call of the Mariannhill missionaries and move into a mission in Cwele, a small settlement in the Transkei/South Africa.
  • 1934 Opening of the hospital Sta Maria in Visp: in order to prepare the missionaries fully for their mission, the Ursuline sisters of Brig expand their field of work through nursing.
  • 1953 to India
    The sisters take on a further missionary task in India, initially in cooperation with Swiss Jesuits in Rahata and later in Pune/Maharashtra.
  • 1962 After only 10 years our Indian missionaries in Pune open a noviciate for Indian Ursulines. Thus the foundations are laid for a branch of the Motherhouse Brig in India. So a blossoming of the Society of St. Ursula in this sub-continent is secured.
  • 2000 from India to Romania
    In the meantime the Region of the Ursulines of Brig in India is strengthened, so that on 13th November 2000, three Indian Ursulines are able to begin modest development work in Baja Mare in Romania.


Since October 2009 the Sisters of St. Ursula of Anne de Xainctonge Brig have realized their new structures.

Now, a general governing body of 4 sisters is over the whole Society of Brig Ursulines. The three countries, according to the actual situation, are treated as three equal provinces: They are:

Switzerland with main seat in Brig / Valais,
South Africa with main seat in Libode / Eastern Cape,
India with main seat Shanti Ashram in Pune / Maharashtra.

For more details see "Brig Ursulines"

(updated end of 2009)