Becoming a Sister

How can a young woman become a Sister of St. Ursula?

Dreams and Visions

In the beginning there are dreams and visions of a meaningful life.

  • maybe the inspiration is gathered from the life of a great person such as Mother Theresa;
  • or possibly through a stay in a third world country or in a hospital or a holiday camp caring for the handicapped, or......
  • maybe in experiencing the emptiness inside after a great evening out.....

At some point one is confronted with the question: What do I really want to do with my life? What is it worth to me to invest my energies? An inner restlessness signals a longing for deeper fulfilment.

A possibility could be becoming a Sister, couldn't it? "It is like an inner calling." recalls one of our younger sisters, reminiscing about her life before the convent.

"It is like an inner calling" remembers one of our younger sisters, reflecting about her life before joining St. Ursula.

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